Swift Current Creek Watershed Protection Plan

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority (now the Water Security Agency) has launched a watershed and aquifer planning process for the Swift Current Creek Watershed.

The Swift Current Creek Watershed is located in southwest Saskatchewan and is part of the South Saskatchewan River basin. For planning purposes, a portion of the Old Wives Lake watershed has been included to reflect those areas which are affected by irrigation waters from the Swift Current Creek.

The Water Security Agency partnered with the Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards Inc. in the production of the watershed production plan. The Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards Inc. is a primarily volunteer, not-for-profit corporation formed by local people in the Swift Current Creek and Rush Lake Creek Watersheds. The mission of the Stewards is to enhance water quality and stream health of the Swift Current Creek Watershed by promoting awareness and understanding among water users.

The planning process brought together local leaders from municipal governments and various non-government organizations, working in partnership as members of Watershed Advisory Committees to protect and secure source water to ensure present and future safe drinking water needs are met. A Technical Committee made up of natural resource experts from the Water Security Agecny, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, and Ministry of Energy and Resources were assembled to support the work of the Watershed Advisory Committee.

At the conclusion of the planning process, the committee released the Swift Current Creek Source Water Protection Plan. This action plan is based on the water protection priorities that have been identified by people living in the watershed. It provides a clear indication of what needs to be done and by whom, and specifies realistic and acceptable timelines for these actions to be completed.

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