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The SCCWS office will be shut down during the COVID-19 protocols but we are still able to assist from home! Please see the "CONTACT US" tab to find our contact information. We will be back in the office as soon as the protocols are lifted. Take care out there!

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Local Student Wins Provincial Watershed Prize

Swift Current student Joe Boss who attends Grade 7 at Ecole Centennial School claimed First Prize in the Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds (SAW) 2020 Provincial Poster Contest. Joe’s poster was the Swift Current Creek Watershed Steward’s (SCCWS) entrant in the Provincial Contest after winning the SCCWS’s Poster Contest.

SAW is the provincial umbrella group for nine Watershed Stewardship Groups (WSG) including SCCWS, who work to promote awareness and understanding about protecting the quality and quantity of water in their local areas. The SCCWS and other members of SAW devote a significant amount of time promoting awareness among students to develop a new generation of Watershed Stewards and the annual Provincial Poster Contest for students in Grades 5 to 7 is an integral part of this work. The theme of this year’s poster contest “Wetlands and Wildlife” was chosen to allow students to demonstrate through artwork, their knowledge of wetlands and the plants and animals that require them to thrive and survive and how wetlands contribute to the well being of watershed residents.

Joe entered his poster in the SCCWS contest where it was selected as the top poster for the Swift Current area. The SCCWS then took Joe’s poster to the Annual SAW Conference in Saskatoon where posters from winners of other local watershed contests were displayed and people involved in watershed stewardship from across Saskatchewan and Western Canada voted for the best poster. After the results were tabulated Joe’s poster was voted as the Provincial Winner.
Joe’s well researched poster depicted himself 50 years from now, in 2070, enjoying the great Saskatchewan outdoors. During this time our community has learned to prioritize being Watershed Stewards to protect species at risk, plants native to the wetlands, and the animals that live in the wetlands for future generations. This is a message of good news that says if we all work together to safeguard wetlands, the land next to them and the plants and animals that live in these areas, these resilient areas will be a part of our landscape for many generations to come.
In addition to Joe’s message, his poster which is enclosed was wonderfully detailed and an excellent example of workmanship with many of the plants and animals that live in and around wetlands included in the poster. Joe and his family are very grateful to all of Joe’s teachers who continue to support and encourage his passion of drawing.

For winning the SCCWS contest Joe received a cash prize of $75 and a SCCWS T-shirt. Winning first prize in the SAW Provincial Poster Contest Joe received a $500 cash award, while his Grade 7 class at Ecole Centennial School taught by Mr. Cam Frase also won $500 to use for a project of their choosing.

This was the first time that a student in the SCCWS watershed has won the Provincial Poster Contest Prize and SCCWS congratulates Joe on winning this contest and looks forward to viewing his artwork in the future.

About the Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards

The Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards is a stakeholder driven non-profit organization whose mission is to “Enhance water quality and stream health of the Swift Current Creek by promoting awareness and understanding among water users.” SCCWS works with residents of the Swift Current Creek and Rush Lake Creek Watersheds to promote practices that both urban and rural residents can implement to improve water quality and watershed health. Promotion is done through demonstration projects, workshops and field days, publications and our student education program called Froghoppers. For more information contact Executive Director Kevin Steinley at 306-770-4607, e-mail or visit our web-site at

About the Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds

The Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds is a non-profit organization representing nine Watershed Stewardship Groups throughput the province whose mission is to “Provide a unified voice to influence decision making and policy development within the province and to balance the economic, environmental and social aspects of watershed members.” SAW hosts an Annual Conference that brings together a wide range of people interested in protecting the quality and quantity of source water in the province. For more information contact Executive Director Bridget Andrews at 306-694-5821, e-mail or visit the web-site at

Second and Third Place Winners

We are also proud to present our second winner with $50 and a SCCWS T-shirt. Congrats Miara Inverarity from Central School!

The third place winner we were happy to award $25 and a SCCWS t-shirt. Congrats to Karen Hofer of Pelletier Hill School!

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! We look forward to seeing the entires for next year!
Second Place
Third Place


The Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards Inc. (SCCWS) is a primarily volunteer, not-for-profit corporation formed by local people in the Swift Current Creek and Rush Lake Creek Watersheds.

SCCWS Mission Statement: Enhance water quality and stream health of the Swift Current Creek Watershed by promoting awareness and understanding among water users

SCCWS Goals:
1. Educate users of the Swift Current Creek Watershed, on a continuous basis, about issues and impacts which affect water quality,
2. Monitoring water quality and riparian health to assist in co-operative solutions regarding water management issues,
3. Foster an attitude of individual responsibilty toward watershed stewardship

To contact us at our new email addresses, please use the following:
Kevin Steinley (Executive Director):
Dallas Peters (AETS Watershed Tech):
Student Stewardship Coordinator:
SCCWS is proud of our progess in the watershed and surrounding areas and we wanted to showcase some of the best!

Click on the icon to visit our YouTube Channel.

Building or purchasing a rain barrel is not only helping your wallet on watering bills, but it is also conserving water for dry periods that we experience here in the Southwest! Best of all, rain water is actually better for watering your garden, potted plants, and grass than water from the tap!

Check out the simple Do-It-Youself video on how to build a rainbarrel. Also watch for SCCWS rain barrel building workshops in the spring!

SCCWS Rain Barrel Workshops

SCCWS has held "Build Your Own Rainbarrel Workshops" over the past five years. We have brought workshops to Swift Current and surrounding communities such as Herbert and Shaunavon. We supply all materials and prepare the barrels for you, and with the price at a fraction of buying a pre-made barrel, its easy and fun to do your own!

Get creative with building your own barrel! Add some colour and paint any design, you can even add a rain chain to enjoy during rainy days!

Be sure to watch the SCCWS website, Facebook, and Twitter pages for the next rain barrel building workshop near you!

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) can threaten our native waterways and waterbodies. They outcompete native species, degrade and alter habitat, and often reproduce rapidly with no or few predators or controls.

AIS can spread easily from one water body to another by hitching a ride on your boat, trailer, canoes, kayaks, water toys, waders, lifejackets, livewell water, docks, anything that has been in contact with water! It is important that if you are travelling from one water body to another to CLEAN, DRAIN, and DRY your boats and other equipment! Never transoprt livewell water or live bait and/or fish parts.

For more information on AIS, which include Zebra and Quagga Mussels, please click this link:

  Information on Aquatic Invasive Species
SCCWS has been promoting the awareness and education around AIS and also monitor our waterbodies for Zebra Mussels by setting out traps in the summer to check if they are present. If you come across one of our monitoring traps, which are identified as property of SCCWS, please do not tamper or remove them. SCCWS has been placing traps at Lac Pelletier, Care Free Park, and Ferguson Bay. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our monitoring or if you have any questions or suspicions of Zebra Mussels.

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