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Frog Hoppers Water Workshop

What are Frog Hopper Workshops?
In 2005 the student stewardship program was redesigned to incoprorate more hands-on activity and renamed Frog Hoppers. Targeted at ages 8-14, Frog Hoppers Water Workshops are a fun and interactive way for youth in the Swift Current Creek Watershed area to learn the importance of the watershed and all its inhabitants. Workshops include a variety of topics such as geography of the Swift Current Creek and important features, plants and riparian zones, water conservation and pollution, and animals and habitats. Did you know that only 0.01% of the water on the planet is drinkable? Kids can learn these facts and can even go fishing for critters in the Swift Current Creek!

Since 2005 this program has reached over 3,000 youth in our schools within the watershed, kids clubs, summer camps, and Parks Play Programs. Other past Student Stewardship programs include poster and essay contests and The Yellow Fish Road.

If you are interested in having your school, kids club, or summer camp participate in a Frog Hoppers workshop give us a call at 306-770-4607 or email froghoppers.sccws@gmail.com

In the early days of student stewardship programs through the Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards (2003-2004) a variety of activities were coordinated and attended by many volunteers, parents, coordinators of the Stewards, and the Partners for the Saskatchewan River Basin. We would like to thank them for all their hard work and dedication to the program!

The workshops was delivered to over 500 kids at schools, camps, and park programs throughout the watershed. The workshops were designed to teach kids ages 7-14 about student stewardship. The kids learnt about where their water comes from, where it goes, the importance of riparian zones, and the effects of pH and nitrate on the water. 

Grade 8, Irwin School at Riverdene Park, SC
June 3, 2004

Grade 5, Central School at Westbank Bible Camp
June 17, 2004

Grade 8, Irwin School at Riverdene Park, SC
June 5, 2003

The workshops consisted of six stations. Each station covered topics involving the creek. These topics included the riparian zone, animal and aquatic habitat, nitrate, pH, identifying aquatic bugs, and finally catching aquatic bugs in the creek.

Thank you to Leslie Yasul, Diane Watt, Cher King, Bix Biederbeck, Kerry LaForge, Dan Runcie, Kim Lambe, Glenn Bratvold and Erna King for all their help to make these workshops a success!

Running in 2003, the Water Watchdog workshop was a program developed by the Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin that provides children with the opportunity to learn about factors surrounding the creek. The workshops were delivered to over 300 kids at Westbank Bible Camp, Camp Elim, and Irwin School. Some of the activities included:

Setting up a monitoring site, observing plants and animals along the shoreline, testing the pH and nitrates in the water, and catching and identifying aquatic bugs, frogs and crayfish.


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